Friday, January 30, 2009

Colorado: The good, bad, and the ugly

So the night before we were suppose to leave for Colorado Ethan started crying at about 11pm. This is highly unlike him, so I went upstairs to check on him. At first I didn't think anything was wrong but then I smelled a strange odor. Hmm....he had gotten sick. Then began our three hour adventure in our first stomach bug. The two of us ended up sleeping on the bathroom floor; me on a folded up quilt and Ethan on his changing pad.

Well we did finally get to sleep at about 1:30am and then at 5:30 Ethan popped up and started running around. "It is not time to get up!" I explained. I was glad that he was feeling better and I did get him to lay back down on my quilt and fall back asleep.

Philip and I still got up at our planned time and we drove to Oak Ridge to drop off our sick child at his god parents house. We are so thankful to Curt and Sara who were still willing to watch Ethan even though he had been so ill. Sara sent me some pictures of Ethan's stay with them:The men watching TV together. Too cute!
Apparently Curt needed a lesson in communicable diseases because before we were back from CO he also got sick! Lesson to Curt: Do not let a sick child feed you cheerios!

Danielle (a.k.a. Auntie) flew in on Monday night and she was greeted with SNOW!

Meanwhile Philip and I went to ski school on Sunday at Winter Park and it didn't snow the whole time we were in Colorado! Here we are in our ski jackets and pants. We really looked cute with all of this gear plus gloves and hats!

By Sunday night I had also succumb to the Ethan spread virus. By 1am I could not keep water down and I was begging Philip to take me to the Emergency Room. After the 30 minute drive we had to use a little phone on the outside of the building to get the nurse to come and let us in. I was the only patient that night and was so grateful for the 2L of fluid and the medicine that I received.

On Monday Philip was able to get a full refund of our ski rental equipment and lift tickets that we had planned on using during our trip. I was so grateful that we got all of our money back! By Tuesday I was ready to venture out and we did some sight seeing and even drove in to Denver to see a movie.
Wednesday we checked out of Winter Park and drove back to Denver. We even visited a Natural Wildlife preserve on the way back to drop off the rental car.

Wednesday-Friday was my conference in Denver and by Saturday we were ready to come home and see our little Snooks. When he saw us coming he clapped and started saying, "Dada, Dada!" It was fun to see his little excited face. Then he ran around and showed us that he could climb up in a chair and such. I didn't get ot hug him till we went down to get our luggage. Danielle got to stay for a few more days after we got home and that was great!

I don't think I'll want to try skiing again for a while, but I think that Philip has already scheduled a ski run here with his friend Shane.

Overall we still had a good trip and we were so thankful to everyone who watched Ethan when we were gone. We were really greatful that we were able to get away together for a week.

Friday, January 16, 2009

I'm leavin' on a jet plane.....

Well, tomorrow we are off to Colorado for seven days! Ethan will be staying with Nanny Sara and Parrain Curt for a few days, but then Auntie Danielle will be flying in to take over on Monday. I'm still a little nervous about leaving him for seven days, but I KNOW that he will be in more than capable hands!

I do apologize for not having posted about Christmas yet. If you want to see pictures (or watch the whole family rock out on Rock Band) click Mawmaw Cindy's pictures on the lower right =>

Please do pray for our safety to Colorado and back! I will be excited to post all of our ski pictures when we get back. Funny thing is that today in Knoxville it was colder then it will be probably the whole time we are in Colorado!