Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I don't have much to say, but I wanted to let everyone know that my treatments have been going well (just once a week) and I've not had any side effects.

I'm really enjoying this time with Ethan.  He's at a really neat age where he understands way more than I think he does and he can really express himself.  He's recently been acting as my caretaker and backseat driver.  In the morning he'll remind me to take my vitamin or ask me to sit and eat my breakfast.  In the car he'll ask me why I'm going so slow or he'll make sure that we are going the right way: "Is this the way to Preschool?".  We even recently had a discussion about a police officer that had pulled a car over on the side of the interstate.  Now whenever we see a police car he comments that "Mommy follows the rules. When cars don't follow the rules they have to have a time out." 

He also is developing his game playing skills.  He likes "Hi Ho Cherry-O" but his daddy prefers Uno and Ethan is happy to oblige.  I'll post a video soon of us all playing Uno.

Yesterday I got out my camera and had fun photographing my son (as seen above).  If you'd like to see more you can head on over to our shutterfly site (see the right side column).