Sunday, September 30, 2007

One of the newest Saints fans
Our trip down to Louisiana was GREAT!! We thank and praise God for a peaceful plane flight to and from Lafayette! There are lots of pictures from the trip on (which can be accessed at right). The reunion was a little disappointing. Only a few of my friends from high school were actually there. Philip and I did win the "High School Sweethearts" contest though, so that was cool.

This weekend we brought Ethan out for his first trip to the Smokies. We had our first family picnic too! I'm exhausted right now, but I'm sure I'll write more later. He goes back to the doctor on Wednesday.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Our Third Family Portrait

The Boudreaux Family
This weekend our friend Mandy was visiting us on her trip down to Louisiana. She took what is I believe our third family portrait since Ethan was born. It was a little chilly outside so I got to dress Ethan in his longsleeve outfit from Old Navy. He looks so much different with a hat on!

He is eleven weeks as of today. He has just recently (in the last few days) started looking at you and smiling in reaction to what you do (not just because you look funny). We are going down to Louisiana in three days for my 10 year reunion. Please be thinking of Philip and I on Thursday night and next Tuesday afternoon. Hopefully we will have uneventful flights to and from Lafayette!! I look forward to being able to put up lots of family pictures when we get back.

Be sure to check flikr for more pics of Ethan.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

New Toy

I had been struggling with making Ethan do his five minutes a day of tummy time. He just didn't seem to enjoy it and he would end up laying in a big pool of drool because he would try to eat the blanket the whole time he was on his tummy. Today I found the answer:
I originally saw this in an American Baby magazine and when I read the testimonials on I decided to get it. Well, he really liked it! Not once did he make his little grunting noises, and although he still drooled, now he doesn't have to lay in it. The base that he is laying on spins around and it'll be exciting when he can start turning himself to look at all the different petals.
Each petal has something different: a mirror, a squeaky toy, crinkly butterfly wings, etc. Anyway once he has started crawling and such the base just lifts off and he can still play on the mat. Oh well, I just thought I'd share....

Sitting Ethan!!

Well, Ethan has been doing really well holding up his head while he is in the sitting position, so today I decided to try him out in his bebe pod....and what do you know? He likes it, he reallly likes it!!

Saturday, September 8, 2007

New Thing!!

Our new talent
I've added the "Cool New Thing" line to the current stats column. This morning in the drive through line he actually looked at a toy that he was holding!!! I was so excited that I called Danielle and Mawmaw at 7:45 am (their time). Needless to say my sister was not to pleased with me. In my defense, I didn't expect her to answer. Oh well, we can't wait to get down there and see everyone....12 days and counting:)

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Doctor's visit

We got our first set of shots today!! I say we because although I didn't cry as much as Ethan, I didn't keep my cool either. It is one thing to hear you son cry because he is hungry, tired or just mad. It is a whole different thing to hear him cry because he is in pain:( We got through it though. Hopefully he won't be too cranky for his dad this afternoon.

His stats are updated on the right and he is in the 33% for weight and the 49% in height.

Also I've added my friend Glyna's link on the side. Her kids are adorable!! I'll try to get some new pics of Ethan up here soon. We went to JCPenney yesterday and his pictures were ADORABLE!! I'll put those up too when they are available.

Monday, September 3, 2007

2 months!! (and one day)

So Ethan was officially two months old yesterday. Here's a quick snapshot into Ethan's life.

He is waking up now around 6:30 or 7 am for his first bottle. He was up to 4.5 oz at every feeding but for some reason the last few days he has never taken more than 4 oz. If it is a weekday he then gets changed in to some day clothes (we have many to choose from). On weekends he still gets changed, just not at 7:30 in the morning. I'm still putting socks on his little feet because they tend to get cold in the AC, but his hands no longer have boxing gloves since I've become quite a pro at clipping his nails. I know that since I said that I'll have my first incident soon, but such is life. Usually after his 7 o clock bottle he'll go back to sleep until 9 or so, but then he is up until his next bottle.

This pattern continues through out the day: eat, be awake, sleep, repeat. His awake time consists of smiling at inanimate objects, kicking, and flailing his arms about. To go to sleep he likes to be held, swung in his swing, go for a ride in the car, or just given his paci and laid down. Whatever the place he likes to be sung to. His favorite songs are "I'm a little teapot", the marching song from "The Jungle Book" and the theme song to "Shanghai Nights". Don't ask me why I sing these, they just come to mind when he is fussy and he seems to like them. I also either don't know the lyrics or I make up my own. This can become interesting depending on the time of day and fussiness of the child. i.e. "I'm a little fuss pot, hear me cry. I am crying and I don't know why."

At around 7 pm or so we change him in to his PJ's. He'll usually have his last bottle between 7 and 9pm. Then at about 9 or 9:30 it's up to bed. He gets swaddled in his "Papoose-inator" and we lay him down in bed. We turn on a little fan in his room for white noise and he gets his paci. There is also a vanilla candle in his bed from Brookstone that I turn on for light and smell. I'm not sure how long it takes him to fall asleep but we seldom hear from him again until morning.

Well, I hope everyone enjoyed that little "A day in the life of Ethan Boudreaux". He really is a good baby who doesn't cry unless he is tired or hungry (or flails about and pokes himself in the eye as happened this morning).

I hope everyone has a good labor day holiday!! Ethan goes to the doctor on Wednesday so I'm sure I'll have another update then. I'll also post more pictures to flikr soon.