Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Big Boy!! and Sad day

Last night was Ethan's first night going to bed without being swaddled!! He fell asleep really easy and although he cried at 2:30 and 4:30 he went back to sleep after being given his paci. He'll be two months old on the 2nd and he goes back to the doctor (and the photographer) on the 5th so there will be a weight and length update soon!
Well, right now I'm watching Oprah's show on the two year anniversary of Katrina. It is really sad and depressing and I can't help but wonder how the LA gulf coast is doing two years after Rita. I can't imagine that the countryside has healed much better than the city. I wish that their story wasn't overlooked.

Philip and I drove through New Orleans a year after Katrina and just seeing the city from the interstate was so sad to me. I always viewed New Orleans as a regal city with so much history and culture. It would break my heart to go back there and see it changed. Overall, I'm glad that Grandma and Grandpa got out when they did. I was sad at first that they weren't going to live there anymore, but after Oprah's reports on the increasing crime and decreasing health system I realize they are so better off in Houston.

Please keep the Gulf Coast in your prayers this week as they are all forced to relive the events of two years ago.

With that being said, I really can't wait to see the NFL get underway so we can watch the saints play some great football. GO SAINTS!!

Friday, August 24, 2007

More pics of Philip

Philip asked why I didn't put a newborn picture of him so here it is:

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

To help with the Survey!!

Hillarious Blog!!

Philip ran across this woman thanks to our friend Reuben's website. Mom's everywhere must simply go and read will crack up.

Her blog is now on my list!!

Monday, August 20, 2007

You Tube!!

Well we've done it! We are now slowly publishing videos to the web. Family can request certain videos to be put on a DVD for them, but for right now I'm just working on publishing to the web. This is really a lot harder and slower than I thought.... Here is the link to our user.

I should have two videos up by tonight and then I'll slowly add more. Getting them to my computer is easy...getting them online is a little bit of a different story. Thanks to Ethan's Uncle Craig for all his help. Couldn't/wouldn't done it without you!!

Eventful Morning...

So Ethan has been sleeping through the night for a week now! Last night he even went 10 hours before he woke for a bottle. It was nice to sleep in till 7! I guess those 4 ounce bottles are helping:)

So after waking and eating I changed Ethan's extremely dirty diaper and left him on the changing table while I went to get dressed (I know this won't last long, but for now he just lays there). He loves the mobile that hangs above his table. It seems like he could smile and talk to it for hours.

Right about the time I was finishing up getting dressed, I heard the sad cry. Ethan had thrown up all over himself and the changing table. Aww, little Snookums! Well, I undress him and decide I might as well give him a bath to get his hair all clean. I take off his diaper and before I can pick him up he has peed all over himself and the changing table.

Poop, Throw-up and Pee....all before 8 o'clock in the morning. Such is the life of a mother I suppose:)

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Happy Birthday to ME!!

If Shawn can have a Spongebob cake for his 30th...
So, today is my 28th birthday!! I'm not to ashamed to wish myself a happy birthday so here I go, "Happy Birthday to Me!!" This year has been a strange one because with little Ethan around it's not just all about me....and that's an okay thing. Everyone definitely needs to check the flikr page for new pictures of's a teaser:

Friday, August 17, 2007


Today Ethan made his first trip to Regas! Becky Ashe took us out to lunch there. Here is a picture of what I had for lunch.
Prime rib sandwich...yumm! I also had my own personal red velvet birthday cake. It was sooo good. Just wanted to share.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

New Pics!!

Baby Ethan on the blanket that I just finished knitting for him!!
So Ethan has been doing great!! There are new pics on flikr, so follow the link on the right to see them. Danielle and I have been enjoying our last week together ;( Ethan has been sleeping more and more. Sometimes he makes it through the night but most of the time he wakes for a 3:30ish bottle. There seems to be no rhyme or reason for when this occurs and when it doesn't. He "saw" his first soccer game today when we went to watch South-Doyle in their jamboree. He slept through most of it...but it was a nice outing.

Not much else from here. I hope everyone enjoys the new pics!

Friday, August 3, 2007

"Miracles of miracles"

Well, this may have been just a one night thing, but little Ethan went for 9 hours with out a bottle!! It'll probably never happen again, but at 2:30am when he awoke for a bottle I gave him his passie and he went back to sleep.... I almost felt like a normal human being when he awoke again at 5:30am!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Score one for the 'rents!!

Tonight was a big night in the Boudreaux household!! After Ethan's bath Dad took over the bedtime swaddling, shushing, rocking, etc. (as has become the routine). Even though the bedroom was dark and mommy read "Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see?" Ethan's eyes remained plastered open. That's when Philip suggested we just put him down and see what happens......well folks, a miracle in little Ethan world. He put himself to sleep!!

Now that I've bragged on him I will probably endure the night from heck...oh well, this part was fun.

Ethan's first day.

Following is the story of the birth of our son, Ethan James Boudreaux, from his father’s point of view. The first week of Ethan’s life is a testimony to the perfect will of God; how He orchestrates things for His will whether we understand them at the time or not. Everything He does is for His Glory and I give it all to Him.
Philip Boudreaux

Follow the URL below.

Sleep Deprivation

Mommy and Ethan Naptime!
Last night when we went to bed we brought up three bottles with us. Ethan ate one at 3:30am and at 6:30 am when he got fussy I thought I got up and fed him a bottle. Well, at 7 he was still fussy and I thought he just needed to be burped. I went into his room and picked him up to try to burp him a little bit. burping, and he is still fussy. Maybe a diaper change? Nope, still fussy. Well, I just thought I'd go down stairs with him so Philip could get a few more minutes of sleep. Before heading down I grab a bag so that I can bring the leftover bottle down with me. When I opened the little fridge what did I find? Two bottles!! I never did feed him a bottle at 6:30.......

Oh, what happens to our brains when they are not rested properly!!