Friday, November 27, 2009


For Thanksgiving this year we hosted Philip's parents the Boudreaux, the Jawdys, and the Farquhars. It was a great to be surrounded by family and friends. The best part is that we divided the menu among three of the four families and really came out with a great feast!

Here's what my menu looked like for the day:

Why we didn't take ANY pictures of the food or guests, I will never know! Maybe it was because we were too busy eating :)

Sunday, November 1, 2009


This Halloween was our first Halloween where Ethan really knew what was going on. He got really freaked out this year about Scarecrows and for the first time utter phrases like, "They get me." and "They hurt me." For this reason I made sure to carve a happy pumpkin:

We also roasted the pumpkin seeds for the first time. Good old Mark Bittman gave us lots of options and we chose salt with olive oil, jerk seasoning with olive oil, and brown sugar with butter! The sweet ones were my favorite!

Laura brought Blaise over to help Ethan go trick or treating. This first video is flipped, but it is too cute not to post! This was the first stop on their neighborhood outing.

As you can see right at the end of the video Ethan thought we were going to Kristin's house to stay and "trick or treat". He actually cried when we left and it took a few houses for him to catch on to the concept of what trick or treating was all about. After 6 houses into it though he would proclaim, "Next house have more candy mommy?" as soon as the new candy would hit his bag. We then had to have a discussion about saying "Thank you" before moving on to the next house.

It drizzled off and on through out the trick or treating, but finally the rain got heavy enough that we headed home. Here are the boys showing off their skills:

Happy Halloween!