Sunday, September 9, 2007

New Toy

I had been struggling with making Ethan do his five minutes a day of tummy time. He just didn't seem to enjoy it and he would end up laying in a big pool of drool because he would try to eat the blanket the whole time he was on his tummy. Today I found the answer:
I originally saw this in an American Baby magazine and when I read the testimonials on I decided to get it. Well, he really liked it! Not once did he make his little grunting noises, and although he still drooled, now he doesn't have to lay in it. The base that he is laying on spins around and it'll be exciting when he can start turning himself to look at all the different petals.
Each petal has something different: a mirror, a squeaky toy, crinkly butterfly wings, etc. Anyway once he has started crawling and such the base just lifts off and he can still play on the mat. Oh well, I just thought I'd share....

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Cindy Boudreaux said...

Looks like he is really having fun now on his tummy. So cool.