Monday, December 24, 2007

So much to say!!

Well, first of all one tooth has turned in to two! I'll try to post pictures later...they are just so hard to see right now! Also, Ethan likes peaches! The first couple of days were rough, he was not to sure about this new fruit, but tonight he ate them and did not make a face! Tomorrow for Christmas dinner Philip and I will be having sweet potatoes and Ethan will be joining us by eating his first homemade baby food! We are so excited about Christmas... This morning we opened our stockings and Ethan really is enjoying his keys. He gets really excited when he sees them!

Emma and Dante are also enjoying their stocking contents. They got some new chews and two new toys. They are having to keep them away from their visiting friend, Mac. (see pictures on flickr)

Merry Christmas Everyone!!

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