Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Auntie asked for some videos...and new things that Ethan can do!

Ethan does have several new things that he can do. One of his more spectacular new tricks is climbing stairs! This afternoon, after a particularly long silence, I found him on the third step from the top. YIKES! Disaster averted, although when I did catch him he smiled at me and tried to turn around and that was a bit scary. I guess we have now become a "gated community" as my friend Allison would put it.

He was actually higher than this when I found him this afternoon!

This is a video of him climbing up to bed and he cries a little because he is SO tired. I apologize for the landscape videoing. I forget that you can't rotate videos like you can pictures.

Climbing stairs is just one of his many vertical talents. He has also tried to climb up onto the fireplace and he can scale a 35 pound bag of dog food!

Ethan also has a new favorite toy. It is an old "pick-up" truck from his first cousins (once removed). He pushes it to....

and fro:

He gets so mad when it gets stuck on something or when he runs out of room. He has only figured out one or two times that he can just go around and push the truck from the front.

On Monday when Philip was at BSF Ethan decided to practice up on his guitar hero. I think he looks just like Philip (or Craig) in this picture!

Last, but not least, I wanted to share this recipe for "breakfast croutons" because Ethan is in love with them and I think they are super tasty also!

Note to Auntie: I tried to get a video of him clacking his tongue and or saying "uh-oh" and I have 4 unsuccessful videos to prove my effort!


MawMaw Cindy said...

It's amazing the progress made in just a week - climbing a full flight of stairs & walking behind the truck! The truck would get away from him and go too fast when we were there.

You're right. "Guitar Hero" Ethan looks just like Philip. Can't wait to see y'all in a few days.

Betsy said...

Hey, thanks for the link--glad you guys like them!