Friday, June 20, 2008

Getting caught up...

Okay, so I have been busy, but now I'll take a chance to get everyone caught up. Two weekends ago (June 7th) Ethan began feeding himself with a spoon and fork. He gets upset now when he does not have utensils of his own at meal time.

Even though this picture shows him "eating" a pear,
he actually spit them all out.

So from the 9th to the 13th I organized a Science Academy for elementary and middle school teachers in the county. Everyday Ethan went to Carmen's house and spent the day with Carmen and her mom Nancy. Carmen is now 6 months pregnant so that is exciting! They had a blast. Ethan even helped out with their garage sale. The Academy went really well, but as always when planning a big event I'm glad it is done.

Since then Ethan and I have been recovering from our big week. I'm still going to stroller strides three days a week and that helps us get up and out of the house. On Wednesday we had a play date at our friend Betsy's house. Her twins are two and half months older than Ethan and she also has a three year old. She is my model mom. She has a couple of great blogs including "full tummies", "LiterariTea" and "The Tarnished Teapot".

Last weekend Ethan had his first full day of finger foods. It is awesome! He likes green beans, hot dogs, canned peaches, canned pears and we discovered last night that he LOVES Chef boy-r-dee ravioli. I cut up about six of them and he wolfed them all down! We have also dropped all bottles (better now then when he is attached to them) and since Walmart was out of formula, we also have made the switch to real milk. I filled up his cup yesterday with whole milk and he never missed a beat. So good-bye Avent, Similac, and Gerber. We'll catch you on the flip side, or maybe we won't!

I think that is it for now....the next week and a half will be all about planning Ethan's birthday bash and prepping for my mom and sister to visit. That'll keep me busy enough I think.


Anonymous said...

What a big boy!!!!!!! Laura

Betsy said...

Model mom, eh? Hmmm.... I knew my diet was working, but that's quite the compliment. Ha ha ha. Seriously, thanks for the compliment; if you lived with me, you might retract that statement :-). How's the milk drinking going? I might have to put in a Blog List into my sidebars--I like the new format.