Wednesday, August 25, 2010

11 weeks and we are "golden"

Asher is 11 weeks and a couple of days old now and we are doing great!!

He has been sleeping through the night now for about a week and a half.  Because of this fact (and the ease in which he has been falling asleep this last week or so) we decided to put both boys to bed last night at the same time in the same room!  At first Asher didn't fall asleep so Philip went up to get him and I finished nursing him (he had fallen asleep half way through).  Ethan almost cried when Philip went to get him.  "I want Asher to sleep up here!"  Philip explained that he would be back and on the second try he did stay in bed and go to sleep.  Usually Ethan talks a ton before he falls asleep, but last night he was super quiet and I think that probably helped him fall asleep faster.

So far so good!

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