Monday, March 28, 2011

God is bigger.....

So after probably two years of feeling called away and after at least a year of prayer and seeking the Lord, Philip and I announced on Sunday that we are no longer going to be attending our church of seven years.  This was not an easy decision and for such a long time Philip and I felt like God was telling us, "Yes, I'm going to ask you to leave, but not yet."  Then last week we felt like He answered us in a different way, "It is time."

While we will miss attending our church on Sunday morning and seeing all of our brothers and sisters there we know that God is bigger than the four walls of any church.  He is so big in fact that I know that the relationships that we have started at our church will not only continue after we leave, but they will continue for eternity!  We want to make it clear that we are not leaving because of anything anyone has said, done or not done.  We are only leaving because we feel that God is calling us to do so and we want to obey that call.

Most of you have one question left, "Where are you going?"  Something that has been pressed upon us over the last couple of years is the desire to live more like the believers in the early church; worshiping in homes (along side our children), giving to the poor, meeting needs of fellow believers, etc.  In the past couple of years God has also fostered relationships with believers who feel the same way.  It is with these families that we are going to start a new house church.

What does a house church look like?  To be honest I have no idea!  But, I'll be happy to keep everyone up to date through this blog.

We would love your prayers during this time of transition.  We know that God is bigger than we can ever imagine and we look forward to what he has planned for us.


charles said...

praying and knowing GOD is good our job is to listen and you know ive been praying for this new house church for sometime and will continue

John and Allie Fields said...

I cannot wait to hear about this journey!

jgodwin said...

Phillip and Bridgette, I am so excited for you both. I think we forget sometimes what it is to be on adventure with God and to just go when He says go and see His glory shine for day. I know He is using you both for His glory and I can't to to hear about all that He has planned for you. You are a true encouragement to keep seeking his face and His will. Love you both Jill