Saturday, July 16, 2011

Getting Caught Up!

We just got back from an 11 day trip down to Louisiana.  We had a great time celebrating Ethan's birthday, visiting with family and eating all of that good food I miss here in TN!!

Here are some pictures of the fun we had on the Fourth!  I got to practice my firework picture taking skills.

While we were there one of Philip and I's favorite bands (My Epic) was playing in Texas.  Philip got to see this band in Chattanooga as his "Birthday Event" but I didn't get to go.  Philip's parents were sweet enough to watch the boys for us while we had our get-a-way!  The concert was great!  Here is one of my favorite songs put to pictures from a few movies about Christ.  The lyrics that this band writes are so profound.....

On our way home from the concert we thought back over our years as parents and we figured out that we have taken an overnight trip away from our kids every year that we have been married.  We are so thankful to the family and friends that have allowed us to get some much needed time away as a couple. We would like to thank my Dad and Mom, Justin and Carmen Baba and Danny and Cindy Boudreaux (who have done this twice for us)!  It is so important to us that Philip and I have time away together.  After all, one day the kids will leave us and all we will have is the two of us again!

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