Monday, August 15, 2011

First day of Pre-K

At seven am sharp my four year old boy bounded into my room wanting to know if his shorts were on backwards.  As I helped him get dressed he told me all about the dream he had, "I dreamed that I woke up and put my clothes on.  Then I waved good-bye to all my friends (my friends were in my room).  Then I left for school.  That was it."  He was so excited he dressed, ate breakfast, and was ready to leave 30 minutes before we could and 45 minutes before we had to.

This one is a little fuzzy, but captures the mood of the morning!

First day of school!!

"This is how you make 11."

Asher needed to check out the toys too!

Ethan playing at one of his classroom tables.

Asher thinks, "Hey man, I'm ready for this place too!"
For more pictures of this morning you can head on over to SmugMug.

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Ethan & Asher's Mimi said...

He's so cute and growing up right before our eyes!!