Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Sleep Deprivation

Mommy and Ethan Naptime!
Last night when we went to bed we brought up three bottles with us. Ethan ate one at 3:30am and at 6:30 am when he got fussy I thought I got up and fed him a bottle. Well, at 7 he was still fussy and I thought he just needed to be burped. I went into his room and picked him up to try to burp him a little bit. burping, and he is still fussy. Maybe a diaper change? Nope, still fussy. Well, I just thought I'd go down stairs with him so Philip could get a few more minutes of sleep. Before heading down I grab a bag so that I can bring the leftover bottle down with me. When I opened the little fridge what did I find? Two bottles!! I never did feed him a bottle at 6:30.......

Oh, what happens to our brains when they are not rested properly!!

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sara said...

That is hilarious!