Monday, August 20, 2007

Eventful Morning...

So Ethan has been sleeping through the night for a week now! Last night he even went 10 hours before he woke for a bottle. It was nice to sleep in till 7! I guess those 4 ounce bottles are helping:)

So after waking and eating I changed Ethan's extremely dirty diaper and left him on the changing table while I went to get dressed (I know this won't last long, but for now he just lays there). He loves the mobile that hangs above his table. It seems like he could smile and talk to it for hours.

Right about the time I was finishing up getting dressed, I heard the sad cry. Ethan had thrown up all over himself and the changing table. Aww, little Snookums! Well, I undress him and decide I might as well give him a bath to get his hair all clean. I take off his diaper and before I can pick him up he has peed all over himself and the changing table.

Poop, Throw-up and Pee....all before 8 o'clock in the morning. Such is the life of a mother I suppose:)


Anonymous said...

Welcome to motherhood, dear!! Babies are wonderful, facinating creatures -- they can also put out the worst smelling, sticky, gooey messes on God's green earth!! Gotta love 'em!!

Mimi Stelly
(I'm trying out different "Grandma" names -- what do you think?)

Danielle said...

i'm glad he never got me.