Saturday, November 17, 2007

Visit from Mimi...and that funny lookin dude that hangs out with her!

My mom and dad were in this week to visit with little Snooks! Mom has chosen the name Mimi, but my dad is still in denial that he is actually a grandfather (hence the title). We had a great time this weekend cheering for LSU! Ethan is now actively rolling from his back to his tummy. He still struggles with getting back to his back, but he is getting better. He can also prop his head up and look around when he is on his tummy, so that is fun. We go to Alabama next week for Thanksgiving so I'm sure we'll have more pictures then!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone, and thanks for participating in our survey!

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JB said...

I guess it is official, Ryan is an Tennessee woodsman. I don't know what tghis means for his future. I hope he is able to hang on to all his teeth :).JB