Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Eventful morning!

Well, there was a seven car pile up this morning at the bottom of our street (on Hickey). Philip thought he heard something at about 7:30am and Emma let out a bark when she heard voices outside. By the time I got up I heard my neighbor Kristin's voice outside and since she works nights I assumed she was one of the ones that had gotten in the wreck. By the time I got outside (nearly taking a spill on the front step) 5 cars were piled up and one other car was in the ditch. As it turns out she was aware of the bad conditions and safely parked her car across the street. Philip was not so lucky as he headed out the door and did take a spill on the front steps (I tried to call and warn him but he was on the phone with his boss.) He is okay...us Cajun folk don't know nothing about ice, we don't get to see it often enough.

We did get to meet some new neighbors that had come down the hill to assess the road conditions. One guy goes to our church and we had no idea that he lived in our neighborhood. Anyway while Philip and I were standing out there a policeman and a firetruck finally arrived (at least 2 hours after the initial accident) and two EMT's started headed up the hill. When asked where they were going they said there was another accident at the top of our neighborhood. Philip and I hung out outside for a little bit and that is when we heard the final wreck. There is nothing like the sound of two vehicles colliding. I'm pretty sure the last car hit the police car that was in the road, but we couldn't see because of the trees.

Philip salted the driveway and safely left for work at about 11am. It should warm up today, but the bad thing is that it is suppose to keep raining and freeze again tonight..... Could be another bad morning.

Safe driving everyone!

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Maw-Maw Cindy said...

Please be careful! I'll be praying especially for your safety during this freezing weather.

Love y'all!