Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Last Thursday Ethan wandered into our sun room and a few minutes later I heard, "Greeee!", "Greeee!" What is he into I thought. Then he turned the corner and I saw that he found a piece of art from preschool where they had done green finger paint. "Greeee!" he squealed as he held up the paper plate. "That's right, it's green!"

Since then Ethan has identified some "Wed" balloons and he even pointed out that one balloon was "Whiiii" (white). His pronunciations are still a little off but it is so much fun to hear him say something other than "Bluuuu" or "Blaaaack". Yay colors!

Phone Calls
Ethan use to ask for Dada every time I got a phone call or made one. Well, that has all changed. Last weekend Ethan got a chance to talk to his Mimi and then Mawmaw on my cell phone. Now everytime I make a phonce call he asks for "Mimi?" and when I say it's not Mimi, she is at work, he asks for "MawMaw?" Even yesterday he talked to Pop for a little while and this afternoon he added "Pop?" to his list of names.

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