Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Yesterday I drove to teach my Monday class not thinking anything about the weather, except maybe that it was going to rain. In the middle of class one of my students says, "It's snowing!" Sure enough it was coming down in huge clumps. By the time class was out my car was covered with an inch of snow and I had to scrape off the windows with my laminated Knoxville map. I skidded across the parking lot to pick up Ethan from the other side of the church.

After getting out of the parking lot the driving was a little easier but I was still afraid of coming home and trying to get up the drive. It was probably the most scared I've ever been behind the wheel of a car. So while I was driving 5 mph down Middle Brook Pike I called my neighbor to see if our road was passable. Kristin had just left to go and get her son Alex and she had slipped all the way down her driveway. Since we were both out we decided to park across the street in this little sub station that has a gravel driveway. Then we had to walk across the street and up the hill to our house. It didn't help that I had worn sandals that morning! My toes were so frozen!!

It continued to snow until about 2pm yesterday and schools were dismissed at noon. Here are more pictures of us "having fun" in the snow!
I couldn't find his hat that I just knitted him, so I think he didn't like the snow getting on the top of his head! He also didn't like walking on the unsteady snow pack.

We got at least 2 inches at our house which is suppose to be more than Knoxville has had in three years.

So much snow got on the canvas of this patio cover it began to sag below the metal supports. Later when Philip got home I was knocking the snow off from underneath the cover and I heard Ethan say, "Crash!" I didn't think anything of it until after I finished the fourth side and I looked down to see this:
He didn't start crying until I asked him if he was cold. "Cold!" he replied with tears in his eyes....poor Snooks. I guess the falling snow had splashed up on his legs. I know he was standing underneath the cover while I was knocking off the snow.

Philip had fun making this:

The snow is still around now and we had a full day out of school today! We might even get more snow this afternoon and tonight.

In other news at Ethan's last doctor's visit he had only gained 3 ounces in three months. We are now suppose to try to beef him up. I am feeding him extra calories and fat when I can including hot dogs and macaroni and cheese. Tonight when we had french toast we introduced him to syrup.

He loved it!

He is also is learning his colors! He might not be good at naming a color. When you ask him what color something is he is most likely to reply, "Blu". But, if you ask him, he can bring you a red, blue, green, white, yellow or black car with 100% proficiency. We are working on saying all of our colors and not just defaulting to saying blue for everything.

I think that's it for now. I'll have a special post on Friday when Philip and I are going to call the Dave Ramsey show to scream, "We're DEBT FREEEEEEEEEEEEE!"


Brandi said...

Debt free?! That's awesome! Even your house? Way to go!!

Bridgette Boudreaux said...

Everything except the house! We will be done with Baby Step 3 (3-6 months expenses) by next month and then we attack the house, retirement and Ethan's college.