Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I declare thee potty trained!

Okay, so we are still having occasional accidents, but we are in underwear all the time except for naps and night time (and even then we are dry 95% of the time)! I even picked him up today from VBS and he was totally dry! That is amazing since Megan and the other teachers have plenty to do besides ask Ethan if he has to potty. By tonight he had had a 100% accident free day which I am so happy about. Today was a busy day and he ended up crying through part of dinner because he was so tired.

Well, one last day of VBS and then I will try to post a summation of my Potty Training method here since so many of my mom friends have asked. Betsy did quite a good job over on Tarnished Teapots, so if you are desperate for help head on over there.

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Janet L said...

So exciting! I felt like throwing a party once I considered each of mine fully trained. Congratulations to you and Ethan!