Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Potty Success!

Warning: This post contains more potty training information!

Yesterday we spent the morning at Walmart and then iHop. I was so proud of Ethan because he had no accidents for the whole morning. He even went on the big scary toilets at both Walmart and iHop. When we got home I was changing him for nap time (when he has been doing all his #2s) and I told him that if he went #2 on the potty he would get an easter egg. Well it worked! Until 7 o' clock last night he had an accident free day!

Talking to my friend Betsy made me realize that I do need to change my tactics a bit. Our goal should not be that Ethan is accident free, but that he is self-sufficient in this area. Along these lines, I'm doing things a little bit differently today. Instead of timing Ethan and making him go every 40 minutes I'm putting the ball in his court! I'll ask occasionally if he needs to go and he will still get rewards and such, but I'm going to wait for him to decide if he needs to go. I'll also encourage him to just go on his own or tell me if he needs to go. Next week we will be at VBS so he will need to be able to tell his teachers that he needs to go.

All in all today may be a day of more accidents but in the long run I'm sure it will be worth it.

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Amanda said...

I am getting ready to have to do the whole potty training thing again. More pee-pee in the potty songs!