Sunday, January 17, 2010

2nd visit to HIROC

I had my second visit to the high risk OB group on Thursday. At every visit they will be doing an ultrasound to see if there is any bleeding in the baby's brain. This ultrasound went perfectly! So perfectly in fact that we saw other things as well. We are happy to announce that we will be having another boy this June!

After last month's post my BSF leader emailed me and said that her sister had a similar (if not the same) condition with her third pregnancy. Honestly I didn't think much of it, but she also sent me her blog address and sure enough, she had the same condition. If you'd like to read their story you can start here. When they did the cordocentesis her son's platelets were actually higher than hers! I'm excited to get to know her more and hear her advice and stories of her pregnancy so that I can have a glimpse of what is to come. She even mentioned me in one of her recent posts.

My appointment last week was to be my last visit before starting my IVIG infusions next weekend. I say weekend because through the information of Sarah I learned that I can have the infusions at my home! Each infusion takes 5-6 hours (not 1-2 as Dr. Howard had first mentioned). I called my insurance company and they will even cover up to 60 nurse visits in a calendar year. This was news to the OB that I saw on Thursday (Dr. Hennesse) so I'm so glad that I talked to Sarah and my insurance company before my visit.

Before I left the office on Thursday the nurse got all of my information and arranged for an infusion company to call me. I spoke with their representative on Friday and she was concerned with my dosage. Because of my weight I need 100 grams of IVIG every week. She recommended that we not try to do this amount of IVIG in one day. She is going to get back with Dr. Howard or Hennesse and make sure, but she thinks that we will have to do two back to back infusions of 50 grams instead of one 10 hour infusion of 100 grams. That means that two days a week I will receive infusions instead of just one. I'll try to schedule these on Saturday and Sundays so that Philip will be here to help me with Ethan.

I've known since Ethan was about 3 months old that weekly infusions would be the course of treatment for future pregnancies. At this time, I'm still trying to wrap my head around the fact that I will have to get two infusions instead of one a week. I'm not nervous or worried about the treatments, I am just having trouble getting use to a commitment of 10 hours a week instead of just 5. I'm also praying that the side effects from IVIG will be small for me. The list includes: flu like symptoms, headaches and nausea.

Thank you again for all the prayers that will be said for little baby boy Boudreaux. Our main prayer is that we will glorify God no matter what circumstances we are called to endure during this time.


Sarah said...

Bridgette -

I'm so excited about another boy for you! I spoke with Katie this week. Praises for in home IVIG!!! I am praying for no side effects. Let's get together this week if possible.


Cindy Boudreaux said...

So glad your infusions will be done at home. I'll be praying for all 4 of you. You will have a blast with 2 little boys - I know I did!