Monday, February 8, 2010

Bittersweet Day

As you have probably heard, THE SAINTS WON THE SUPERBOWL yesterday!! How exciting is that?

The sad part about yesterday was that we had to put our kitty cat Yoda to sleep. We first got Yoda ten years ago when Philip's cousin stopped by our house on the way to the pound with a box full of kittens. We had seen this little kitten at their house the weekend before and I thought he was really cute. Philip thought he had a face only a momma cat could love and therefore named him Yoda. To Philip's credit he did have ears as big as his head and he was infected with every worm known to vet-kind and so he was very skinny. I don't have any digital pictures of him at that time, but here are some more recent shots:

In the our old apartment he use to climb up into the computer desk:

His other funny quirks were:
  • biting people (strangers or family/provoked or sometimes not)
  • chasing his tail
  • growling at laser pointers (before Yoda I had never seen a cat growl....quite impressive)
  • when he was younger he would run from where ever he was if he heard a paper being crumpled (he loved to bat them around)
  • bringing in small dead (or live) animals as offerings for us and our babysitters (how sweet!)
  • and more recently: letting Ethan do pretty much what ever he wanted to without biting him!
I found a folder of old pictures from when I first got my digital camera and you can tell that Yoda was the only interesting thing in our lives because I have six videos of him playing with a toy mouse! Here is my favorite:

Here is a more recent one of him in our backyard:

I never thought of myself as a cat person and I still don't, but after you take care of an animal for 10 years you grow attached! We'll miss you kitty!


John and Allie Fields said...

I'm sad to hear about Yoda. It is so hard to lose a pet!

Judy said...

So sorry for your loss!! He kinda scared me, but he was GREAT with Ethan!! Amazing that a cat so hostile with everyone would let Ethan do anything to him without reacting. Love to all!!

Betsy said...

I'm sorry for you guys! Pets become such a part of our lives--even when they get banished from our houses or bring us live offerings.

Heather Davis said...

RIP Yoda... I remember him chasing paper wads at some of the early-morning prayer meetings. . .

I'll be praying for your PICC line, too! I was the opposite durinig pregnancy: My veins are so huge that it wasn't infrequent for a sheepishly smiling nurse to ask if the new girl couldn't practice sticking me. ;-)