Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Yoda the great hunter!

Picture of Yoda
Most cats bring home dead animals and place them on your door step. Well, our kitty Yoda has never picked up that lovely habit, until tonight. Yoda apparently did not get the memo that he is suppose to bring home dead things not live ones!

Tonight Yoda came in through his cat door (into the laundry room) and the dogs kind of went berserk. I wondered what was going on so I go over into the laundry room and on the floor I see a patch of fur. Hmm, this is not Dante fur, Emma fur, or Yoda fur. It is really soft but too dark to be from one of our pets or their toys. The dogs are still kind of freaking out, so I know there has got to be something hiding in the laundry room. Philip gets the flash light and closes the laundry room door to investigate further. When Philip says he does see something I promptly climb onto one of the kitchen counter tops. The fur now to me could be from a squirrel's tail and I'm not taking any chances! "Aww!" Philip says, "It's a bunny!" I promptly jump down and put the dogs outside. Then we used a recently received Amazon box (thanks Mawmaw Cindy) and we catch the little bunny.

Little bunny in Amazon box

He did have a little piece of fur missing from his back and the ONLY way I can figure that a live little cottontail got into our laundry room is that Yoda carried him there. I can't really picture a bunny wandering into the garage, and then after that jumping through the cat door! Well, good luck little bunny, we wish you well!


Danielle said...

oh. my. goodness.

Janet said...

I love that you jumped on the counter! That's probably where I would have been too :)

Anonymous said...

Bridgette - I would have been on the counter top with you - our dog "played" with a baby bunny too - I got him to let him loose, then the stupid bunny hopped back into Pepper's pen to play some more - dumb bunny! I love your narratives!! Aunt Janet :)