Friday, March 21, 2008


So Ethan has begun to wave back at people who are waving at him. The first time he did this was at Carmen's house and I got really misty eyed. Sometimes you have to get him started but it is still really cute. It is also so neat to see him begin to communicate with us with his hands. He still does the sign for milk every once in a while but I can never tell if it is on accident or not. Anyway, tonight we were reading "Hand, hand, finger, thumb" (a classic dating back to my father's childhood) and we came to the lines: "Bye-bye, Jake. Bye-Bye, Jack." All of a sudden up shot Ethan's arm and he waved at the book. Adorable! That was the first time that he responded to just the words and not someone actually waving at him.

Also, he has been drooling like crazy the last couple of days and my finger has confirmed that the second top tooth is making it's way out. I'll try to take pictures at Easter of those top toofers.

Mawmaw, Pawpaw, Nanny, Nathan, and Matthew should be here tomorrow. Exciting!

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Quad Squad! said...

Isn't every new development SO exciting! Would you ever have thought you would be so touched by something so small!