Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Visit and diapers...

Ethan and Poppy

Ethan at Market Square

Well, my dad decided to SURPRISE me and he came along with my sister on her trip up here. We really did have fun while they were up here, even though the majority of our trips around town were classified by dad as "girly". We did make a trip out to Market Square with the dogs and that was really a blast. Sadly they had to leave this evening but we will see them all again in two months when Danielle graduates. While I am sad about them leaving, I can focus on our next count down for visitors: 3 days until my Mawmaw, Pawpaw, Nanny and cousins come to visit.

While Danielle was here I read an article in Parents magazine about the benefits/drawbacks of cloth diapers. It mentioned a new hybrid type of diaper that has a flushable or compost-able pad with reusable covers and liners. Now, whether these diapers are better for the environment than cloth is a hotly debatable topic but I'm intimidated by cloth and this seems like a good compromise for me right now. Besides, every diaper that does not go into a land fill makes me feel a little better. Anyway you can find more information about them on their website. They are really cute and you can buy everything you need at EarthFare in Turkey Creek (here in Knoxville). If you would like to know more specifics let me know....I'll share what I have experienced so far.

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