Monday, March 10, 2008

New Things!

I feel like that could be the title for every new blog entry. First, I apologize for not having new pictures, but I don't want these two new things to go unrecorded. My Pawpaw called the other night and of course he asked me, "Is he walking yet?" Ha! I told him that he wasn't walking, but he has been pulling up on his knees. Well, I wasn't off the phone for more than 2 hours when I look over, and what is Ethan doing? You guessed it! He was standing in front of the fireplace. Well, that didn't take long! Oh well, time to lower the mattress again...

For the second new thing, Ethan has at least one top tooth that has broken through. What is funny is that I saw it on accident. I got him up from a nap and noticed that he was a little extra drooly. "Do you have a new tooth?", I asked. I didn't really expect to find one, but then there it was!! Tonight his little gums were red and the other tooth looks like it is breaking through as well. I think these top ones come in four at a time, so we'll be on the look out for the other two.

I promise to post more pictures soon!

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