Thursday, October 16, 2008

...and Found!

So, Philip and I don't argue very often and when we do argue we are not yellers or screamers. Our arguments usually look more like debates. We sit on opposite couches and have times of point, counter point, discussion, and rebuttal. All of this is very logical mind you. We are scientist at heart after all!

So tonight there we were in one of the more heated arguments we have had in a while. We had moved and now were sitting across from each other on our love seat that has a center console. Well at the conclusion of one of my counter points Philip looks up and says, "Well I know something that will make you really happy." "What?" I ask. Then he pulled out my watch! It had slipped between the cushion of the love seat and the wall of the center console. We almost never sit there (it was about a month since I had sat there last) and so I never really inspected it that closely.

In my search for this watch I have torn the house apart, cleaned my car and searched my office at work. I had even found a picture of myself wearing it on Sunday, September 7th and then analyzed my calendar for all the places I had been since then. I even called my pediatrician to ask if anyone had turned a watch in there. But when did God allow me to find my watch? In the middle of a heated argument with my husband. At a time that I needed my heart to be softened. To gain some perspective. After celebrating having my watch back again (making Philip ask me what time it is repeatedly) we finished our "discussion" in a more light hearted manner and agreed to take the matter up at a later time.

Yeah! I'm so glad I found my watch and I'm grateful for God's timing even if it was not my own!

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Quad Squad! said...

Hurrah for finding your watch and God's always-interesting timing!