Thursday, October 30, 2008

Lots of pictures to get you caught up!

Keep in mind that none of these pictures were staged! I hope you enjoy them.

Ethan LOVES to watch the movie Cars (the first twenty minutes at least), and he has picked up this blanket habit from me.

Now you know why you are not suppose to put tacos in the toaster oven! We do own a new toaster oven now, so that is cool.

My son likes to use quesadillas to eat sour cream!

A long time ago Ethan had stuck one of his shoes through the cat door. He has since rediscovered that little trick! We might want to think about hanging our keys elsewhere.

Believe me, if he could fit, he would have come through himself!We recently brought him to our old hang out: Walker Springs Park.
He loved going down the slide...

and swinging on the swing.
Ethan woke up one day last week with "crazy hair".

My son has no waist as evidenced by these "low rise" pants.

When my parents (Mimi and PawPaw) were in last week we took a trip to the Fruit and Berry Patch to pick pumpkins. Ethan tried to pick up every pumpkin in the place.

Eventually we did find one his size and I have since painted it orange.
After he "decorates" it tomorrow I'll post more pictures.

Blaise and Laura were with us, but I don't have any pictures of them, or the other adults on the trip for that matter.

Hmm... I guess some things you just don't have to teach:
I have no pictures of my parents from their trip, but Philip and I did get to go away for a few days and here are pictures us at Bays Mountain.

If anyone has photoshop and can put us together in one picture that would be great!


Betsy said...

Hope your getaway was great!!!

MilaniR said...

email me your photos and I'll put you together. Look at my online ablums...the pic of steph and I are mile marker zero is fake!

Cara and Shawn said...

He even sits like you on the couch!!! How cute!