Monday, October 6, 2008

Oh well....

So I guess our "great" government has gone against what we all wanted (or didn't want) and done what they thought was best. I guess I shouldn't be surprised. As Dave says, "If you are waiting on Washington to change something, you've got a very long wait!" At least I know that God is in control of all things including the economy.

Now on to Snookums. We have a had a few really funny conversations lately.

Last Monday night:
Ethan: "Dada?"
Me: "Dada is at Bible Study."
Ethan: "Baba?"
Me: "No, he's not at the Baba's, he is at Bible Study."
*Wait two minutes and repeat.*

Saturday morning:
Me: "Hey Ethan, what do you want for Christmas?"
Ethan: "oo-kie?"
(Maybe he thought I said breakfast.)

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Anonymous said...

I love those little conversation tidbits. I remember having similar conversations with Ethan's Mom!!