Friday, February 6, 2009

We're debt free!! version 2.0

This is a video that Dave Ramsey showed at his live event here in Knoxville. It cracks me up every time!

Exactly four years ago we still had a car payment, borrowed money for the down payment on a house and bought a new refrigerator (on credit). Less than six months later we had to borrow money to put vinyl siding on our house. That's a total of $46,080 in debt.

I don't remember the first time I heard of Dave Ramsey, but I believe I just started listening to him on the radio. In the fall of 2005 I went to a Pampered Chef Show and I couldn't afford anything. The consultant doing the show (Valerie Reagan) said that if I couldn't buy anything that day I could still help out my host Sonja by booking my own show. At my own PC show Valerie mentioned that she and her husband were working on getting out of debt using the Dave Ramsey plan. "Hey, we're doing that!" I knew we wanted to get out of debt and I was willing to do something extra to get us there so I signed up to sell PC that night! (I only mention this part because when I think of Dave Ramsey I think of my PC business.)

After going to the live show here in Knoxville we cut up all our credit cards and went to the cash envelope system and debit cards only. We live on a monthly budget and we are so happy four years later to be debt free! We feel so blessed by Dave's teachings and we truly are enjoying financial peace. I am particularly excited that we have decided that I should quit my job after this year and stay at home with Ethan full time! (I might still contract out with KCS but it will be on a as needed basis.)

This Friday I called in to Dave's show and screamed, "We're debt free!" The show is suppose to send me the audio clip and I'll post it here as soon as I get it. Here is the summary that is posted on his site for hour 2 on Friday, Feb. 6th:

"Bridget keeps things going, paying off $46,000 in 4 years, and also saving up an emergency fund. They also had a baby during that time."

I hope this post inspires you that anything is possible and we can all "Live like no one else, so that later we can live like no one else!" And I should also say that "There's ultimately only one way to financial peace, and that's to walk daily with the Prince of Peace, Christ Jesus"


Allison Fields said...

You go girl! I'm so happy for you and the fact that you get to stay home now. CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!

Dawn Foster said...

Just wanted to congratulate you, from one Dave Ramsey listener to another. I just did a google search for "debt free" and your blog came up. :) My husband and I made our debt free call last summer and boy do we still feel incredible still today! God Bless you and your family.

Janet Morgan said...

Congratulations Bridgette! That's incredible! I am so happy for you all!

Quad Squad! said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! That is so great!

Brandi said...

YAY!!! Way to go! You have demonstrated such incredible dedication and perseverence. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm so proud of both of you for sticking this out!! What a wonderful feeling of freedom and power!!

Hugs and kisses to Ethan!!


michelle bales said...

Good for you Bridgette!!

Coffeybunny said...

Congrats again lady!

Betsy said...

Hooray!!! I'm so impressed and encouraged, both! And I'm sooooo excited you'll be home full-time with Ethan!!!!! What an adventure awaits you there, my friend.

LuvtheWord said...

I am so happy for you and proud of you! Praise the Lord for the way He has proven His Word to be true through your obedience! Can't wait to hear of how He blesses you because of it. I'll enjoy passing on your news. :)
- Julie