Sunday, April 18, 2010

How much longer?

So a common question that I'm getting now a days is "How much longer do you have?"  Although this seems like a straight forward question and maybe people just want the short answer (10 weeks), for us it is a much more complicated one.

Our cordocentesis will be the first week of May and the results of this test will really effect when baby Asher makes his appearance.  Here are the possibilities:
  • There is a small chance that the baby will come that day.  This is NOT what we are hoping for.  If this happens it means that there was a complication during the procedure and Asher would probably have to go to the NICU for a while until his lungs developed fully.
  • If his platelets are "normal" we will continue the weekly IVIG treatments and as long as we don't detect any brain hemorrhages through the ultrasound they will let him "bake" until 39 weeks or so (June 18; 9 weeks away).
  • If his platelets are low the doctors will start me on steroids (so that his lungs develop as quickly as possible), up my dosage of IVIG and we will begin the discussion of when to go in and get him.  An amniocentesis might be done to track the development of his lungs and as soon as they think he is ready they will probably deliver him to protect him from having a brain bleed.
So the first week of May will really give us a better look into the future!  In the meantime we have gotten down all of the baby stuff from the attic and I am in the midst of washing it all and re-arranging Ethan and Asher's room so that two boys worth of clothing can fit in one bedroom :)  Ethan was super excited to see all of the "new" toys and wanted to play with all of them on Saturday.  It was so funny how enthused he was with them all.  One of them is now on the top bunk in his room and he has talked about it every night and afternoon that he goes to sleep.  "That is for baby Asher?"  "He will play with it when he is born?"  It's hard to explain to a 2.5 year old that babies are born not doing much....

The other thing that Snooks can't stop talking about is our "Day Out with Thomas" that we are attending on Friday.  Our train ride is scheduled for noon and there are suppose to be a ton of activities before then to keep us busy.  The tour is coming to Chattanooga so Ethan and I have a drive ahead of us, but hopefully he will sleep on the way back.  We even made a countdown of how many times he has to go to preschool before he can go to see Thomas (time is a tricky thing to explain to a toddler).  I'm sure I'll take a ton of pictures and I'll be sure to post them next weekend.

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Praying it all unfolds at just the right time :)