Friday, April 9, 2010

Busy, busy, busy!

Our typical week:
  • Monday Ethan and I meet with some ladies (and their kiddos) from our Sunday school class for a bible study in the morning and then we come back home for lunch and his usual 2pm nap.
  • On Tuesday and Thursday Ethan goes to preschool and I try to schedule my doctors appointments on these days.  His class lays down for nap daily but since Ethan won't sleep and only "rests" during this time I try to pick him up at 12:30 instead of 2.  This way he comes home and takes his normal 2-2.5 hour nap.
  • Wednesday Ethan and I go to BSF.  Ethan loves his class and his teachers Mrs. Long and Mrs. Cartwright.  I love the intense study and discussion that BSF provides.  This year we have gone through the Gospel of John and 1 John, next year we will work through Isaiah.  Asher will be able to come with me to discussion as long as he is "immobile".
  • Friday is a day that Ethan and I have to be together.  We can run errands, go grocery shopping, or like tomorrow we can go the library and then meet friends for lunch.
  • In addition to this regularly scheduled programming I have weekly 4 hour infusions that usually take place in the evening. 
With all that being said last week was particularly different because in addition to it being Spring Break (where all of the above events were canceled), my dad was in town for a while and Philip took off Wednesday afternoon through Friday.   This Spring Break was especially glorious because we have had a miserable dreary wet winter and this week was the first week of bright sunny warm weather.  We took the opportunity early in the week to go with friends to Fort Kid.

Since the weather was so beautiful, on Thursday (and since Philip took the day off) we took a family field trip to the UT arboretum.  We told Ethan we were going to a park and he kept asking where all the kids were.  On the way out I was trying to explain to him that this was a special kind of park for trees called an arboretum.  After trying to pronounce arboretum several times as we were leaving he finally said, "That's a really hard word to say, Mommy."

On Friday we went on our second ever family camping trip (here is the post from the first).  This year we took Ethan to Frozenhead State Park.  This park is just north of Oak Ridge.  There was a stream about .25 mile from our campsite and Philip and Ethan had so much fun hiking to it that they did it twice on the first day.  Ethan just loves throwing rocks into the stream.  On Saturday morning I joined them for the hike and Philip and I had a chance to play with some settings on my camera.  After packing up the campsite and eating breakfast on Saturday morning we went on a hike to Debord falls.  There we saw so many wildflowers that were just coming up and I had fun taking pictures of them.  The falls were really pretty and I felt like a professional after I took this shot:

On Easter Sunday we hosted some friends (who might as well be family) for lunch and then Ethan and I had fun dying and hunting for eggs.  For some reason blogger is no longer accepting videos so you'll have to watch our Easter morning video here.

On Sunday night Philip got to give Ethan a hair cut that matches his own.  Here's the before video, and the after!

In closing I want to say that although I love, love, love my new camera, I don't love how long it takes to upload photos now.  I've worked on this blog post and uploading photos to our shutterfly site now for three days!!

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Brandi said...

Great picture of the falls. Love your use of shutter speed. :) I understand what you mean about upload speed - or lack thereof. It just takes a while to get all those delicious pixels!