Sunday, August 3, 2008


So for about a week Ethan has been walking around the house when Philip is not home asking, "Dada?" to which I reply, "He's at work." I've been able to prove to Philip that at least 80% of the time that he says Dada he is actually talking about him. Of course sometimes if you ask him, "Where's mommy?" he will reply "Dada?" In the upcoming weeks I will really work with him on learning the signs for Mommy and Daddy so that we can distinguish between idle chatter and actual person specific sounds. More is still his favorite sign and yesterday he discovered that it is not just for asking for food, he also can ask for more toys.

We are happy to announce now that Philip will start his new job in mid-August. We are really excited to get back to fixing up the house. Philip has lived without his housing envelope now for over a year and now we have a list of ideas and tasks we would like to get done. Watching too many house flipping shows has made me want to renovate the house and make the nursery in to a huge laundry room and add two more bedrooms above the garage. It might never happen but I can dream!

Because of the advice of a friend I let Ethan use a big boy cup today at lunch. Most of the water went down his bib and landed on the floor but he loved it! He even cried when he was done with lunch and it was time to go take a nap.

Lastly, we want to thank Mimi for the cute new Squeaker Sneakers that came in the mail on Friday. On my new blog there is even a video of Ethan walking around in them. When we go out in public it raises his cuteness level to infinity. I call them his motion detector shoes.

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John and Allie Fields said...

Go Ethan and your big boy cup!!!!! Wow!