Friday, August 29, 2008

Videos and Pictures

Last weekend we "remodeled" our office/library into a study! Philip disassembled my desk and installed a new book shelf. We even painted the room green. Here is a picture of Ethan "helping " his Dada.

He really enjoyed all of the screwdrivers that dad had laying around.

I tried to get a video of him saying "Dada", but instead I got this video of him walking all around the newly painted study.

In this one he actually does say Dada and you get to see a panorama of the study!

What is really funny is that he wouldn't say Dada to the picture but while I was editing this post and he saw the picture above he couldn't stop saying Dada. Here is a short clip of that. I usually do not let my child run around naked, but I had to get the movie while I could.

In addition to these videos and photo I have added pictures to our flikr site. Enjoy!

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