Sunday, August 10, 2008


Ethan with an apple.

I'm sure this will be Ethan's next word. He loves to go outside! If Philip is outside and he is not, he will stand at the back door and just cry. Yesterday while Philip mowed and did other yard work in the front yard, Ethan just went back and forth from one front window to the other. "Dada?" "Dada?" Over and over that is all I heard.

He is also such a little organizer! Last week with in fifteen minutes of being on the back deck he had collected a pine cone, dog bone, rock, and two apples in one of the dog bowls. It was too funny.

We do have an apple tree in the back yard and he loves to carry them around and hand then to each of the dogs. The dogs have been super sweet about letting him take them away from them and give them back again.

Speaking of going outside Ethan was out last night in the back yard and was crawling in the grass. Philip looked over and he was rubbing his face with his little hands while trying to crawl. He was COVERED in mosquito bites. This leads me to post on my new blog about a bug spray that I bought this weekend at Food City that worked great for all of his other outings.

Climbing on the steps.


Janet Morgan said...

How cute Bridgette!!!

Quad Squad! said...

Wow! In that top picture Ethan looks a LOT like Thomas! In fact, for half a second I thought it WAS Thomas! Darn mosquitos! I hate them! We'll have to check out that BullFrog stuff too!