Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Baton Rouge hit hard

My parents and grandparents have their power back so that is good. Philip's parents got home last night. There is no damage to their house but they are still without power. The live in a more rural area, so that may take a while.

Meanwhile, Danielle has returned to find Baton Rouge practically in ruins. 98% of the city does not have power and the authorities are saying that 50% of the city can expect to get power again in 1-8 days and the rest of the city can expect to get power sometime in the next 4 weeks. Governor Jindal and President Bush said that these time tables were unacceptable and that other states need to lend manpower to the Southern Louisiana Coast. The energy company for the region has stated that only Katrina left more people without power and that this is the worst storm that Baton Rouge has ever seen.

LSU is out for the rest of the week and Danielle is returning to work tomorrow. Her cafe is the only CC's in Baton Rouge that still has power. Other CC's from all over the city have brought them their perishables. She said they now have shelves and shelves of muffins. She and Paolo went to the grocery store today and had to wait in line to get in. The store had no perishables, only cans of food. At 4pm they were going to stop letting people in to the store. According to her LSU has even canceled the football game scheduled for Saturday and rescheduled for sometime in November. Even if gas stations have gas they need electricity to pump it. Please pray for the citizens of south Louisiana. It will be a while before things get back to normal and I pray that authorities have looting and price gouging under control. So far they really seem to be on top of it! Baton Rouge is still under an 8pm - 6am curfew. Danielle did find a place to stay with power tonight so that is good. You'd be amazed how good you sleep with A/C on!

Thanks for everyone who has expressed concern for my family! We really do appreciate it.

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