Friday, September 5, 2008

Ethan's update

Ethan has had a good two weeks at preschool (totaling 4 days). There was a mishap this last Tuesday when I forgot his thermos in his backpack (instead of in his lunch box) and all he had for lunch was peaches, milk and cheese. I was really upset by this, but when I talked to Mrs. Sharon she said that she didn't know to look for more food because she has had moms in the past send three different types of crackers for their child's lunch. She now knows that Ethan should have all food groups represented, and if he doesn't to go and look in his bag for something else. He was really hungry when I picked him up that day, but we made up for it by going to iHop with Carmen, Justin, Nancy and new baby Jonathan! That's right, Carmen (who we have prayed for during this pregnancy) had her baby last week! He was four weeks early but he is home and everyone is doing fine.

Ethan did something yesterday that really made me feel like he is a big boy now. After getting dressed in his PJs I sat on the floor to read him his three before bed books. Well, as I was looking through the books Ethan picked one up, handed it to me, and then plopped himself down in my lap. After we read the first book he stood up, got another one, and plopped himself back down in my lap to listen to it. It was so cute! We usually only read three books before going to bed but that night we read five. I don't know if he learned to do this at pre-school or maybe he picked it up at Allison's house watching her kiddos do the same thing. Either way it is super cute!

Gutav update: Philip's parents got thier power back on, but as far as I know Danielle is still without power in Baton Rouge.

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