Sunday, September 21, 2008

A typical week in the life of Ethan Boudreaux (read as: Why this blog is seldomly updated.)

I love Ritz crackers!
Sunday: Ethan usually wakes up by 8 am. While we shower (or this week I ran to the grocery store while Philip showered) Ethan plays alone in his room. After we are all dressed we head down stairs where Ethan eats breakfast (usually a whole banana and then 1/4 cup of cereal or a serving of yogurt). Ethan goes to nursery at church from 9:30-12:30. Every fourth Sunday I get to spend an hour and a half with him and his little friends. After a very cranky ride home with a tired boy, we have lunch and Ethan lays down for a long nap. He usually wakes up sometime around 4 or 4:30. After playing around the house for a while he has dinner around 5:30pm. At night he loves to play with his cars (vrrrmming them all over the house) or tonight he is pushing around his "pick up" truck. Finally we head to bed at around 7 or 7:30. We do have a bedtime routine that includes 3 books, pjs, a cup of milk and our prayers.

Monday: We have to be at church at 8:00am! This means that Ethan eats a poptart in his snack dispenser and a cup of milk for breakfast on the way to church. He plays in a different nursery room (on the same hallway as Sunday) until 11:3o when we head back home. After lunch he usually takes a short nap and then wants to play again at about 1:30 or so. We usually go grocery shopping on Monday afternoons and he likes to flirt with all the ladies at WalMart (esp. those over 50). After a second afternoon nap he wakes up to eat dinner and see daddy for about 45 minutes before Philip heads off to BSF. Before going to bed he loves to read books and will bring one to you and then sit in your lap while you read.

Tuesday and Wednesday: Early care at Preschool starts at 8:30 and his teacher Mrs. Sharon is there to greet him. At preschool they have outside time (or gym play), inside play with art, lunch and nap time. Art has included putting stickers on butcher paper so far. Ethan has gotten a good report for naptime everyday! His teachers say that he is the first to sleep each day. He is always awake by the time I get there at 2:00. He is also always starving when we get into the car so I try to remember to bring a snack with me. We usually head straight home after PS and he is back in bed by 3:30. He then sleeps till about 5:30 and when he wakes up he is again starving! After dinner we have been spending family time together outside or upstairs in the newly painted "boys" room. Here is a video of such a time with Ethan showing you all of his animal skills!

On Wednesdays we do have small group from 6:30-8 and Ethan loves playing with the Bell children during this time.

Thursday: My bible study at church starts at 9:30 so this is a relatively late day for us. He is in the same nursery room that he is in on Mondays so at least there is familiarity there. We are home by noon on these days and so far we have had my friend Betsy and her kids over or we have gone to a buisness lunch. We reached "critical mass" at the last lunch so I won't be planning another one of those for a Thursday anytime soon. Having Betsy and her little ones over was so much fun so I hope we do more of that this fall. This Thursday afternoon Ethan has his 15 month check up at KPA.

Friday: Free Day! Last Friday we just ran errands in the morning and stayed home for the rest of the day. This Friday we have MOPS so Ethan will be back at Central Baptist in the same room that he is in for PS.

Overall, I hope you forgive us for not blogging more often, but as you can see we are seldom home! I do realize that I have "overbooked" myself this year but I'm not counting down the months yet. I just look at my schedule one week at a time and recite the phrase, "This too shall pass." I've also resorted to buying a paper calendar for the garage door so that Philip can keep up with my/our week night obligations.

Philip has been busy too. Look at my (our) new desk!

He also enjoys picking apples from our apple tree:

Even though I haven't posted here in the last couple of weeks I have updated my other Blog so check that out when you get a chance (esp. in you're in the market for a mixer!)


Quad Squad! said...

Impressive desk! Good job, Philip! And GRACIOUS, you are busy!

Cara and Shawn said...

That top picture is ADORABLE!!! Those big baby blue eyes!

jqs0218 said...

Good job on the desk, Philip -- it's beautiful!! And, to my daughter, you are one busy person!! I'm tired just reading about your schedule...

Betsy said...

I want to do more Thursday afternoons, too! That was a great fit into our busy schedules--a time to relax and hang out without having to create another event :).