Monday, September 1, 2008


Well Gustav has made landfall and spared Vermillion bay any major storm surge which is great for my family's homes that were damaged in Rita.

My dad had a few things to add to my previous post. Being under voluntary evacuation also makes public transportation available to those who want to get out of the parish.

Also a paraphrased quote from Rob Perillo (local Meterologist) about staying in Lafayette, "All modern structures (with the exception of trailers) are built to withstand 115 mph sustained winds. Will you lose power? Yes. Will you lose shingles? Yes. But, will you die? Not unless a tree falls on the room you are in. That is a possibility, but not a probability."

So far everyone in Lafayette that we know still has power. My Aunt is in Baton Rouge and they lost power sometime this morning.

The real bad news is that it looks like New Orleans might flood again. We are keeping are eyes on things and still appreciate your thoughts and prayers.

Update: As of 4pm CST Lafayette lost power.

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