Thursday, May 28, 2009

Whew! Summer time is here!

So my co-op school has been over for quite a while and tomorrow is my last official day with KCS. Of course I'll be working this summer some and next year too (on time card) so last day seems final when really it is just transitional. Transitional or not I've had some time at home this week and it has been great.

Our summer really started last week because Ethan's last day of preschool was Thursday. But because he was running a bizarre and unexplained 103-4 fever most of the day, he didn't get to go. The fever had no accompanying symptoms and only lasted 24 hours. I did learn some interesting things about fevers in that time and also paid a visit to the pediatrician. Dr. Brice referred to Ethan's condition as "Spring Fever" which I thought was funny. Several people at church on Sunday said their 18mon. - 3yr olds also had the same thing in the last week or two. Philip stayed home with him on Friday so I could go to an important school meeting concerning our website (which I will be working on next year). Then we spent the weekend at company picnics, mission planning dinners, and ice cream get togethers! Also of course on Monday I sewed my now famous purse!

Tuesday we hung out at home for a bit while Ethan took an early nap and then we went to a puppet workshop at the library. For those of you out there who made Activity bags with me at MOPS or through Betsy's exchange, I'm going to be putting together instructions on making a finger puppet activity bag that I think our kids will really enjoy.

Wednesday we became members of the Knoxville Zoo and enjoyed Kid's Cove and a bird show with Betsy and her kids.

Here are pictures of Betsy's boys playing in the sand at Kids' Cove.
The hat he has on was made for him by his preschool teachers.
Here they are enjoying the turkey.

Today we also went with Betsy and her kiddos to the Bounce House and Ethan and the kids had a blast! If you've never been the Bounce House is a collection of inflatable toys in a huge gym like facility. Lots of fun! At first Ethan would only go down the slides (even the HUGE ones), but he didn't want to get into the plain bouncy room one. Well, I know his Mawmaw is renting a inflatable monster truck for his birthday so I brought him in with me and that made him really mad. He got out crying and went back to the slide. Wouldn't you know though that less than five minutes later he was in the bounce room jumping and laughing and spent most of the rest of our time there! He doesn't know how to jump yet so it is really funny to see him just run around and then fall down.

Another accomplishment in our house is that Ethan is progressing with his Catechism questions. Just watch:

I have to admit the the Jawdy's taught him the second question and that spurred me to go on to number three. We've also shortened the answers down to two words because, well that's about all he can linguistically handle right now. Feel free to quiz him the next time you see him!

We are still set to begin potty training next week so I'm sure I'll have lots to write about then.

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MaryBeth said...

Yay for summer!

Betsy said...

fun pics...

Cindy Boudreaux said...

"Own glory" is hard for a little guy to say. Absolutely precious.