Thursday, March 26, 2009

Camping and a Big Boy Bed!!

So when Philip and I got back on Thursday he offered to take Friday off to be with us. We decided to take this opportunity to go camping with Ethan for the first time. What stinks is that my camera had died sometime on Wednesday at the Boudreauxs and so the only pictures I got were from my phone. What really stinks is that I didn't know how good the pictures from my phone were and so I only took two pictures. We went camping up at the Obed wild and scenic river campsite. One of my favorite things about this campsite is that it has a river that runs right near most of the campsites so there is a nice white noise effect (more on that later). Philip and Ethan walked down to the river and Philip was showing Ethan how to skip rocks into the water.
He could have thrown rocks into the river for hours. He even pitched a fit when we told him it was time to go back to the camp site.

Here he is by the fire with his sippy cup.

We did buy him a sleeping bag before we left Knoxville and he did great in it! When it was time for bed I changed him into his pajamas and told him to lay down in his sleeping bag. I think that the noise of the river helped him, but within 15 minutes he was fast asleep. The only problem with our little excursion was that the low that night was 31 degrees! I barely slept because the whole night I kept thinking that Ethan was cold. In the morning when he woke up he did not want to get out of his bag and when I stuck my hand in he was nice and toasty! Of course then we had to get up to eat breakfast and such. I dressed him all the clothes that I had brought with us but we still couldn't keep his little hands warm. Finally at the end he would stand by the fire for short periods of time, but ultimately we packed up and went home.

Even though it was cold and we had to leave early we had so much fun and we are looking forward to our next camping trip! When we got back on Saturday I decided that with such great sleeping habits it was time to move to a big boy bed. Try as we might, we could not find the guard rail for the crib. I know that it is in the house somewhere, but we have yet to find it! I went ahead and converted his crib anyway and he did fall out the first night, but he hasn't since. For those who think that sounds barbaric please know that his mattress is less than two feet high.

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