Monday, March 26, 2012

The Daily Report

Evangelynn continues to improve!  She is now just on room air and 1L of air in her cannula.  She is still breathing a little too fast (in the 60s) to get to try to nurse but her sucking reflex when she is hungry is alive and well.  It makes me so happy to watch her suck, suck, suck on a paci while the milk goes down the tube to her belly.  She is getting 14mL now of my milk every 3 hours (increasing by 2mLs every other meal) which is great.  I'm pumping at least 60mL every two hours so for now I'm ahead of her and staying that way.

Her bilirubin was up today high enough to warrant her being under the UV light.  This should help the jaundice resolve itself.

That's all I know for now.  We are kind of just in a holding pattern until her respiration rate comes down low enough to nurse.  I go home this afternoon and will spend the night with my family.  The next few days will totally depend on Evangelynn.  The moment she is breathing slow enough to nurse I plan to come back by her side and not leave her until she comes home.  That may or may not work for nights depending on what facilities they have available.  Philip is also especially worried about me wearing myself out, but that's good because he will keep me in check :)

I'm still taking pictures every time I'm in the NICU, but you'll have to check smugmug later tonight to see them because they are so big I have to wait until I am at home to upload them.

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