Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Daily Report

Yesterday I came home from the hospital. It was good to eat dinner with my family but it was hard to leave my baby girl. When I called last night to check in on her our night nurse (who has been with us for a couple of nights in a row) asked right away if I had gone home. Apparently before her first feed of the evening her respirations were low enough to try eating by mouth. Little stinker :)

This morning her respirations were still a little high so I waited until after lunch to come in. The doctor just came by and asked if she was taking a bottle yet. I told him no, because I want to breastfeed. "Okay, well let's start that at the next feeding."

I am so excited!! So right now I'm waiting for my first date with Evangelynn which is scheduled to begin at 2:30. If she does well we will start the process of me rooming in with her and hopefully we will be home by the weekend!!!

I praise the Father because He is good. He is always good, even when circumstances are not what we would have them be, but at this moment I could not wish for anything more.


"We're not doubting that God will do the best for us, we're wondering how painful the best will turn out to be."-C.S. Lewis

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jenji said...

Every time I think of your good news, I am just so thankful and relieved and happy inside for you! I know how great it is after the long wait to finally snuggle with and feed your baby. giving thanks!!