Sunday, March 25, 2012

More good news

I walked down this morning just to drop off milk and I ended up staying and holding sweet Evangelynn. It was great that I did because I got to talk to her doctor! Her respiration rate was back up and at first I was bummed, but then I saw that her rate has been turned down from 4L to 3L and her O2 levels are still below 30%! The doctor said her lungs look good and that he only expects her to continue to get better. He asked how long I would be here be ause he expects I can try nursing her later today or tomorrow. Her respiration has to be 50 or below and he expects that to happen soon!!

On the way out her nurse showed me that they are stopping her antibiotics and that they will start feeding her more of my milk as she tolerates it. Now she gets 4ml every four hours and from now on she'll get an additional 2ml every other feeding. She is still getting sugar, protein and fat through IV and I'm not sure when that will stop.

I'm headed back now for more kangaroo time! As you think and pray for Evangelynn please also remember sweet Asher. He loves his momma and has had a cranky/fussy couple of days without me. They are coming to meet me after church for lunch so I'm looking forward to that. I feel torn, but I think being here so that I am available when Evangelynn is ready to nurse will help us get started on the right foot and lead to our ultimate nursing success. My doctor has written orders to allow me to stay here for one extra day, so I will probably be discharged on Monday.

Over these last few days I've been reminded of what my sweet nurse told me five years ago after Ethan's birth, "A short stay in the NICU is seven days.". I thought she was crazy when she said it but Ethan was at Children's for exactly seven days. We are on day three for Evangelynn and I pray she beats her brother's record :)


"We're not doubting that God will do the best for us, we're wondering how painful the best will turn out to be."-C.S. Lewis

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jenji said...

What wonderful news!! Hope you get to give your boys all the hugs they can handle this afternoon and then nurse that sweet baby girl! So glad things are looking better. Evan didn't have anything orally until day 4 and I didn't get to nurse until day 7 (and he did great)! She's working like a champ! You go, little E!!