Saturday, December 6, 2008

So, pretend it is still early November.....

Post-Halloween entry:

This Halloween was Ethan's first time trick or treating. Our church did not have their usual Trunk-o-Treat (why, I do not know) so we trick or treated in our neighborhood with our friends and neighbors David (the dad who is not pictured here), Alex (The Tennessee fan), and Abbey (Little Red Riding Hood).

Ethan was a Saints player and that evening and I followed suit by wearing my jersey and Philip wore my Saints cap (he was going to be Sean Payton and hold a piece of paper in front of his face all night but we didn't think people would really get it).

On Halloween night we had to wake Ethan up from a nap to go trick or treating and he was not hungry for dinner before we left the house...does this spell disaster to anyone else?

His cute eye "decorations" are cut and colored band-aids and they didn't last more than one or two houses. Other than losing the band-aids he did really well considering the circumstances. To collect candy I decorated a $.25 bag from Walmart with some white paint and gold glitter glue (also supplied to me by the VanderSluis family!) and spruced it up with some Halloween stickers. When Ethan wasn't carrying the bag he was holding on to the "FOOTBALL", which is the only way Ethan knows how to say football.

Our neighbors dog Dodger was even dressed for the occasion!

Stay tuned for more updates.....

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Anonymous said...

Well, I declare that he is the cutest Saints player ever!!