Friday, December 19, 2008

Thanksgiving in Ohio

Again, imagine that it is early December when you are reading this post:

This year we will not be traveling home for the Christmas holidays. We usually stay here for Christmas day, but travel home the day after Christmas and spend about a week there. This year Philip is going to be saving all of his vacations days for our ski trip in January so that will not be possible.

My parents traveled up here before Thanksgiving, and since we wouldn't be in town for Christmas we decided to do Christmas with the Stellys early.

This is a picture of Ethan opening the puppies' new marshmallow gun! Very cool. Of course Dante is terrified of it and Emma hasn't figured out that the gun is the source of the marshmallows, she just looks around on the ground until one appears. Ethan got some great gifts that he just loved! Lightening McQueen slippers and a great big dump trunk!

Here is his reaction to the new slippers (sorry about the orientation of this video, if someone knows how to flip video you let me know!)

Opening the dump truck:
He wore the slippers all day and there are some great picture of him playing with his dump truck here.

For Thanksgiving we all traveled up to my Aunt Georgia's house in Ohio for the Quaschnick family reunion. My mom is one of five Quaschnick sisters raised in New Orleans. Now the five sisters are spread over four states and two continents!

Row 1: Brandon, Jenny, Jonathan, Sister #1: Linda, Donald, Sister #2: Janet, Madeline, Cousin Phil, Sister #4: Betty, Mike, Ethan, Philip, Me, Greg, Sister #3: Judy, Danielle Row 2: Sister #5 Georgia, Aunt Betty, Grandpa, Grandma, Aunt Lee, Brian Row 3: Abby, Patrick, Tripp, and Maggie The biologist in me also wants to make a pedigree of the people shown here, but I will restrain myself.

While in Ohio we visited the National Museum of the United States Air Force. This is the world's largest and oldest military aviation museum. Out of the whole thing Ethan probably enjoyed the one jeep there and the lights in the modern aviation hanger the best. Here are pictures of Ethan trying to figure out where the color on his skin is coming from.

The museum does have an old Air Force One plane, but we did not get signed up for the tour early enough to be able to go. We'll just have to go back to Ohio so we can do it another time! Philip did buy Ethan a die-cast F-16 and he loves it. He makes jet noises as he flies it around the house.

More posts to come!


Janet L said...

Love the Lightning slippers! We have a couple of movies like that and can't figure out how to rotate them either :(

Danielle said...

I would venture to say his favorite thing was that simulator that he just watched go up and down from the outside..