Monday, December 8, 2008

That's funny! (updated)

In the last month Ethan has taken, what I would call, leaps and bounds in development. He is really growing up! His vocabulary just grows everyday and even though all of his words are really not words (momma for muffin) it still just amazes me at his ability to imitate almost anything you say. Just today he "named" all the little wooden pieces on his door: sun, dragonfly, frog, turtle, and duck. He even pointed to his name and when I said "That's your name." he pointed to himself and said "mame". It's just crazy.

He has also started running in the last couple of weeks. When he really gets going all you see is flailing limbs and his little body just miraculously moves forward. He also falls alot more now because of it, but that's okay too.

He can now also make a kissing noise which is so cute. About a month ago he started "kissing" the dogs. Really he would just hold his hands behind his back and then lean forward with his lips slightly puckered. The dogs would have various wet spots on their backs at any one time. Well, somewhere along the way he learned to make the kiss noise and now he kisses everything! His cars, his stuffed animals... at a play date last week he even kissed the hostess's little boy. Max let him and then said, "Now my face is all wet!" That's what you get when you let a still teething boy kiss you I guess.

Lastly, he is developing his sense of humor. On Sunday Philip was sick and stayed home from church. It was really cold so I just grabbed his down coat and wore that to church. While buckling Ethan in his car seat he grabbed the sleeve of Philip's jacket and said, "Dadda?" "Yes, this is daddy's jacket." I replied. Then he busted up laughing. It was so cute! It may seem hard to believe that he grasped the irony of me wearing Daddy's jacket, but that sure was what it seemed liked.

We had a great time at Thanksgiving and that post is coming up!

Updated section: I forgot about something else he has started doing. Ethan has started coming up to us in whatever room we are in and telling us "Aye, Aye". He then will walk into another room, or around the house. A couple of days ago while I was getting ready in the morning he told me "Aye,Aye" and then closed my bedroom door. He waited in the hall about a minute and then he came back in the room all smiles. He did this over and over! Telling me bye-bye and then waiting out in the hall until he could come in and do it again.

He can also now feed himself oatmeal by himself in the morning. We have even had a few servings of soup which opens up all sorts of new menu items for me!

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