Sunday, March 8, 2009

Picture taking

At our last MOPS meeting we had a guest speaker. She was a local photographer and she had great tips including some I put to use today. First of all, find the LIGHT! Go outside or at least to a room that has a lot of sunlight streaming in. When your camera flashes it usually washes out the people you are taking a picture of. Second, take a ton of pictures instead of trying to wait for the perfect moment to take one. I love this idea! Several times I have gone to get my camera and thought that the "perfect moment" was lost. Instead today I took over 30 pictures in just over 10 minutes and I got several keepers and I got to delete the rest without feeling guilty that it was the "only one". Here are some of my keepers:

This is a "Whatchadoin?" face for Daddy.

Pushing his "pick-up" truck.

I love this one!

She also talked to us about using black and white. A good time to use this feature is when the colors in the picture distract you from the subject. Here is my example (I just used Microsoft Office Picture Manager to edit the color):

You can see some of my others on

After dinner we all enjoyed some pudding. Some of us enjoyed it more than others.

This was the face we got when I asked him to
show us his mouth, "Ahh!"

I had to strip him down before we went up to take a bath.

That's all for now!


Betsy said...

Very fun! I love messy face pictures--David is our messy face eater for sure and his baby book is full of funny pictures.

Judy Stelly said...

I love the messy face and the one by the fence... He looks so innocent!!

Ethan's Mimi

MawMaw Cindy said...

You can't go wrong with such a handsome subject!