Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Spring Break

Ethan and I took a little trip down to Louisiana for my Spring Break last week. We flew down on Sunday and I did learn what not to pack (like 6 books) and what to definitely have (one train book). I used my emergency bag check list to create my carry-on bag and it was great! My parents and Nanny took us to lunch at Popeye's where Ethan ate his first chicken leg! I wish I had a picture but I was also eating fried chicken....

Then we went with my parents, sister, and Nanny to the zoo. I planned on buying a membership there and then using the reciprocity with the Knoxville Zoo to get in for free for the next year, but alas, you have to actually live in LA (or a surrounding state) to be a member of the Baton Rouge zoo. I guess I'm not the first one to think of this :) Pop and Ethan had a great time together. Here they are in the prairie dog tunnels. There weren't any prairie dogs but I think they had fun just being in the tunnels.
Ethan's favorite part might have been the snack that he enjoyed while in his stroller.
I take that back, his favorite part was riding the train around the zoo at the end of the day. I didn't get any pictures but he was so tired he just sat there in a daze once the train started moving.

On Monday we spent the day at my Mawmaw and Pawpaw's and Ethan enjoyed his first crawfish boil that night (notice the newspaper on the table). He ate a few crawfish, but mostly he enjoyed the boiled potatoes:
Tuesday my sister spent the day with us and after we got Ethan's hair cut we went to the Children's Museum. It hasn't changed much in 10+ years and I was worried that Ethan wouldn't have much fun, but he had a blast! At the first station when you come in you can build a bug with little magnetic pieces.
Then we went on to the grocery store where Ethan got a cart and picked out 4 items to buy (we helped him with the counting). Then he unloaded his groceries at the register.
Next he waited patiently while I rung him up! Two heads of lettuce, a lemon and a box of rice =2.19.
He took the receipt from me, but then he just gave it right back! Of course then he put up all the groceries and put the cart back where it belonged. We then went down to Cafe des Enfants where he worked "behind the scenes" in the kitchen.
Notice the hot dog on the oven burner. When we got there another child had left some dishes in the sink and before we left Ethan had put them all up. I love this child!

The bubble station was next. I didn't get one good picture with my camera which stinks, but I bet my dad did. Danielle did get this good video:

Wednesday we went to Duson to hang out with Philip's family. Ethan had fun hanging out on the front porch. He also loved walking around with the family in the back yard.
Our flight back was also great. I had less things in my carry on and he did just fine! My next post will be about our first camping trip!

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Looks like a fun trip!